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Which place should I choose?

This is a reality, where I feel it my self. I don’t know why, sometime I just feels difference that is far enough, between situations in Semarang and in my house. Both of this things sometime make me become two mans who different. Likely, I must choose, which later will become good for me.

Actually, I am not man which is easy adapted in an area. Often, I wish perfect thing at others, at least, she/he has equivalent ability with me, has the same desire with me. But, this is world, there is no one who perfect. Each and everyone is created differs in. Each and everyone have each excess and shortage, including myself.

About Freedom
Of course. Situation in Semarang is more freely than in my house. There is no observation from parent; even owner of my house in Semarang is not at all care by what I do. I am free gone out my house in Semarang wherever, whenever. Compares to situation in house, which according to me, it must enough disciplines. If wish to go out house, I having to permit from old fellow formerly. This makes me hardly depressing.

Concentration Of Learning
When I reside in Semarang, likely the learning is a requirement, and that I can do without there are meaning resistance. Calm situation and adequate facility. Also access which closed to place of friend causing facilitate me for often take group learning. This is very different when I in house. Can be proved when I was in Senior High School, the name learning in house, I felt hardly perforce. Situation in my house doesn’t support.

IT Availability
For this one, I am still relying on Semarang. Tembalang, “city of the students”. IT culture here is advances enough. There are many computer shops selling sophisticated goods with solemn price. Even, we don’t look so hard where the internet is. As well as there is a place of rent of CD/DVD which I have not met and I imagine in house in my town before, Centura. This is the only place of rent of the biggest CD and complete which is exist. Start from newest Film, MP3, until various computer software types. Besides cheap, rent is not limited by day. So, we are free returns it whenever. Wow.

Tiring work
All of you might not believe if I had worked when in my house. Can be told, I am the father’s employee who is most devoted. Although my father employs some employees in office, but they only work for hour start from 8 until hour 2 noons. While I was the rest time, start from hour 2 noons until nighttime. I have ever been one day works in front of computer during 8 hour successively. Finally, it’s made my head confused and I also got stomachache. I have time to be taken to local medical doctor. After given with drug and enough to rest in house, two-day later my health has returned. By the way, what I do? My works are actually easy and not many cleansing brain. But the numbers are quite a lot. I assigned computerized to of all document of agreement of civil project of my father which the numbers until tens of sheet. Not only must that, politics career of my father, which is as secretary of his party should he taken. Unhappily, he doesn’t apply the computer. That is made me become his “servant administration”. Imagines, work which easy, but the numbers was in great quantities. Likely I am incompatible if this is my work in future. I more like work which is difficult, and not many people able to do, but the numbers not too much better. That possibly will be better for me.

Along of some above reasons that is, I feel more like if residing in Semarang. OK, I must also be consciousness, that my parent who has made me to become like this. They finance me to all the facilities, for the shake of progress of my future. Thanks Father, Mother. I will try to become better and makes you happy.

Maybe, I am too dramatizes the condition. But, that is named writes, guy.

Tegal, August 31st 2008 3:29 am.

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