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Sometime, I think in my deepest mind, where should I go after get a pass from this Polytechnic? I continue my study or go straight to get a job? I had asked this problem to my parent and they said that the S1 title is more important to get the proper life than the D3 title. So, according to them, working with D3 title is more difficult to success than working with S1 title. This is actually logic because I often saw the S1 graduates get more success than the D3 ones. Ok, for this problem, I am finally sure that I must continue my study to the higher title.

But, it was different than my parent. Once upon a time, my lecture (POLBAN Graduate) told that we should continue our study to D4 program (like S1). Then, if we want to continue again, we should take a specialist program (like S2). It was caused by we are in Polytechnic, not in University. We are not only relying on theory, but also relying on practice of profession. So later, our nickname will be a Practitioner (D4), not a Scientist (S1). It was make me scary, because it meant that we are different with other graduates from general university. It would also make us different in work.

In other time, my friend told me that the difference salary between D3 and D4 title is not too big. I hadn’t asked him yet, where did we get that salary? From government administration or private work? Certainly, after hearing that information, I got more convinced. I had to continue my study to S1 stage, not D4.

Then, what is next plan after I get pass from university with S1 title? There are many choices, but there is one plan which is the most wanted. That is running the private enterprise. It is also well-known as an Entrepreneur, Construction Services Supplier, Contractor or other name you know.

Generally, Civil Engineering graduate will get the job in following sectors:
Constructional Management
Geotechnical Engineering
Hydrology and Environmental Engineering
Structural Engineering
Civil Informatics

Discussion about each sector will be explained on other article. But in fact, if they work on the same scale project, the highest income will be obtained from Constructional Management sector. It is caused by in this sector, we manage all of the other sectors. We have responsibility to all cost and job that have been given from “The Have”. We must also order many things how to finish the project on time by schedule.

However, in any big income, there is hard work. For example is my father. He is a contractor. He is actually the busiest man. His jobs and activities are much enough and sometime he doesn’t know the time. Fortunately, he has some professional employees, includes me (^_^). Although his projects are on small scale, his income is established enough. Minimally, he can send his four children to school until now.

Not only a contractor, I also want to be a developer. I am inspired with the biggest developer in Jakarta: Agung Sedayu Group. As far as I know, the difference between contractor and developer is on the financial capital. Developer is more flexible to determine the projects, while contractor is a company who gets the job from “The Have”, that is from developer, government or someone who has money.

Well, I am aware of my ambitious is too high. Whereas, it is not sure I can be like that. But, it can motivate me to try hard. This success will be got if we always try. Moreover, as long as I study in this Polytechnic, I haven’t felt difficult yet. Even, I have chance to be the best in my department. But I settled hope that quality in Polytechnic is same as General University. Amien.

Tegal, 17 August 2008 4:53 AM

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  1. August 21, 2008 at 9:15 am

    kedebug tuing tuing..
    mumet bacane ah..

    numpang lewat ya…

  2. August 22, 2008 at 7:14 am

    Nggak usah mumet-mumet mas, tinggal dikopi di Transtol…^_^
    Intinya, ane masih punya banyak cita-cita. Dan itu harus ane perjuangin.. dari nol
    Ini merupakan dunia yang baru bagi ane, dunia yang g pernah terbayangin sebelumnye….

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